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5 Advantages of Buying a House Early

“Sooner the Better”, is one quote, which holds absolutely true when it comes to buying a house. Though when you start earning, you are young and home buying will be the last thing on your mind. But, that should not be the case. The earlier you buy a property the better it will be for you. Whether it is that capital gains, return on investment, rental income or early closure of home loan, there is end number of arguments, which go in favour of such a decision. Moreover, you will have the ability to buy a bigger, better and your dream home or second home too.

Here are the 5 big advantages of buying a house early.

1. Higher Return on Investment: Imagine if you buy a house for 50 lakhs rupees when you are 25 years old, what will be its price when you are 40 years old? Just, pause for a moment, analyze the real estate market and then decide. Maybe, the house you book at the age of 25 is not your dream home, but it is definitely the passport to one. You can easily buy a spacious, luxurious home for yourself by the time you will actually need it. Whether you are compromising on the house size or amenities, it will all be taken care in a few years. Yes, such as the long-term capital gains, which you can expect when you invest in a property at a young age.

2. Passive Income: You buy a house in Bangalore and end up shifting to New York for work? Well, the job market is volatile, it has made the world a global village, but should this stop you from buying a house? Well, definitely not. The property will always reap profit for you in some form or the other. If you don’t live in that house, give it on rent and enjoy the passive form of income. And whenever you return, you can live in your own house.

3. Tax Benefit: Why pay more tax when you can save it? And buying a house will surely help you get tax benefits. You get a tax rebate on home loans both on interest and principal amount. So, your tax savings can actually finance your home to a certain extent. Moreover, whether you buy an under construction property or ready-to-move-in you will get a tax rebate in both the cases. Instead of paying tax or struggling to find different investment options, simply buy a house and save.

4. Bid Adieu to Home Loan when Still Young: When you take a home loan at 25 years of age for 20 years you will be EMI free by the time you are 45. And in case you have extra money and you keep depositing the extra in your home loan account you will be EMI free even before 20 years. You can actually plan your second home or live EMI-free and enjoy the financial freedom.

5. Better Buying Potential: The first house, which you buy at a young age may not be a fancy and big one. But with a better return on investment over the years on your first home and your own financial growth, you will have a better buying potential. So, you can buy a better, more lavish and spacious home with this long-term investment.

Buying your first home when you start earning and have fewer responsibilities will be a favourable decision. This way you will be able to make an asset, pay off the first home loan early and make more such immovable assets. If you are planning to make your first home, then the Orchard Square project of Valmark can be a perfect option for you, while those looking for an upgrade, Valmark Cityville, and Apas can provide you with uber luxury living like never before. From quality homes to best in class amenities, you dream it and we will help you realize it. You can see our upcoming and completed projects from here and for Orchard Square get all the details from here.

How exercising can keep you mentally fit!

Do you remember that time when you tried to imitate Usain Bolt to catch a bus or when you raced against your sibling to get to the remote first? Do you remember the grin that just did not seem to subside right after? That was not because of getting on the bus or snatching the remote. It was because of the endorphins rushing through your body. Endorphins are hormones secreted by the nervous system and pituitary gland that reduces the transmission of pain signals and produces a feeling of euphoria.

Even if you don’t exercise, you would have seen that sudden bursts of activity seems to put you in a good mood. Your mind or rather your mood has a direct connection to how you feel physically. When you are hungry or fatigued, you will be in a foul mood (Remember the Snickers ad featuring Urmila Matondkar and Rekha). When you are emotionally stressed, you tend to feel tired. The body and mind are intrinsically bonded.

Unlike physical fitness, mental fitness is harder to achieve because a lot of factors affect your mood that does not include your body. Stress from work, family and relationships tend to cause more mental distress than an unfit body. Even though the effect of such stressors cannot be completely removed, they can be managed. One sure fire way is to exercise.

5 Fun indoor games to bring your family together

You do everything in your power to help your children grow. From providing them the best education, enlisting them in sports academies to driving them to dance lessons, you leave no stone unturned to give them the very best. Your love manifests itself in countless ways that nurture your child towards becoming a better individual.

But an important aspect of their future is playtime. Research has shown that play is very important in enhancing the imagination and creativity of a child. According to Sergio Pellis, a researcher at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, playtime is important in developing the executive centre of the brain in young children which helps in planning.

When you merge family time with playtime, your family gets to bond better. It gives you the opportunity to teach your children important life lesson while having fun. After all, it is as they say, “A family that plays together, stays together.” Family playtime ensures that the children feel nurtured and valued. Children who play with their parents tend to have closer relationships with them. They are also more forthcoming with the parents who they think are not just authoritative figures but close friends.

Invest in your first family home at Cityville

It’s been about 3 years that Mr Kumar moved from his home in Mysore to Bangalore. After having searched through scores of property sites, he finally picked a property that best suited his needs. A calm and quiet locality that also offered him the luxury of staying close to his office in Electronic City. Bannerghatta Road is home to many people like Kumar who find that the plush localities around South Bangalore come very close to their place back home. What makes locations like these exclusive is the abundance of nature and the pristine environment that welcome the residents home. The gorgeous Hulimavu lake a little distance away has many nature lovers thronging to the properties near by.

There are many advantages to living near a water body, apart from the stunning views everyday, people who live around the lake have a definite incentive to head out and run. Another incentive to living near nature is that it let’s you take a break from the bustling city. The view from properties like Apas or Amoda are precious. These properties, tucked away from the city have a good helping of nature that make rejuvenating effortless.

Home Sweet Home- Valmark Cityville

The stunning Valmark Cityville property is designed and created to achieve the perfect balance between nature and luxury living. Modern day villaments occupy the 35-acre property in the form of 3 & 4 bedroom homes. A ground plus 4 storeys makes these spacious villament that boast of 675 units, placed far enough to provide all the privacy yet close enough to give you that friendly neighbourhood vibe.

Situated just off Bannerghatta road, it keeps you away from the bustle of the city. In a way, you get to live away from the city yet within distance from schools, hospitals, malls and IT destinations. An ever so inviting lake lends a peaceful breeze just to make things a whole lot better.