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Key Things to Consider When Buying a House on the basis of Sample Flat

The real estate market in India is continuously evolving and there are aggressive marketing strategies being deployed by developers to sell their flats. One such strategy, which is increasingly being used is selling the house on the basis of the sample flat.

What is a Sample Flat?

A sample flat is a fully furnished apartment made by the developer on or near the site of proposed housing project.

Tips to Create the Perfect Summer Patio

Now that summers are officially here, it is time to focus on the outdoor décor and revamp it to your advantage to make the most of the long days and late nights. Spending time with your loved ones in your own space is definitely cherishable. And, now that the warm season has started, doing up the small patio, deck or porch, is the perfect way to enjoy this season. Make the most of the bright sunshine and breezy evenings, by relaxing in the outdoor space with your friends and family in your comfort zone. So, breathe new life into the outdoors and have a great time, this summer in your own porch.

5 Features that Define a Luxury Home

The concept of luxury homes is fast changing in the 21st century. While, high ceilings and heavy décor defined opulent living in the past in the modern day homes it is all about convenience and open living. The very concept of luxury homes has undergone transformation. People looking for luxury properties are actually looking at the lifestyle that the home offers. It is all about the design element, the style statement and comfort factor, which makes luxury homes stand apart from the conventional ones.

The ideal home loan tenure: 15 vs 30 years

Home loans make your dream home a reality. Over the last few years, more and more millennials are able to realize their dream of their own house with the help of a home loan. If you have been able to save the down payment part, then approaching a bank and getting a loan is the easiest way of fulfilling your cherished dream of living in your own home. With more people applying for home loans every year, the home loan providers i.e.

Things to Consider When Buying a Property to Earn Rental Income

Property buying for investment is considered safe and profitable from a long term perspective. But, it calls for a lot of forethought. Though, the online presence of prominent real estate developers can come to your aid in buying a home in any part of the country, but you still need to think and research. From optimum returns to easy maintenance, when buying a property to earn rental income you need to think about all this and beyond. If you are planning to buy a property for rent, then here are things, which you must consider.

5 Security Features a Must in Your New Home

A home is your happy place. It is made up of not just walls and beams, but also love and dreams. It is where you stay with your loved ones and make memories. So, it ought to be safe, secure and a good one. This makes it essential that when you are buying a new home, you think beyond the space and beauty aspect. You need to give security, a precedence.

Bangalore – The Luxury Homes Destination

The Silicon Valley of India, Namma Bengaluru has emerged as the home to ultra-luxury, fine abodes. This once upon a time retirement land has become India’s IT Hub and home to people from across the globe. Thanks to the pleasant climatic conditions and lush green landscape that people love to settle here and make it their home. It is for this reason that the real estate market has witnessed such growth.

2018, A Promising Year for Real Estate Sector

The year 2018 looks promising for the real estate sector, thanks to the many positive initiatives and amendments in 2017. A year of reformation in the Indian real estate industry, there were various watershed initiatives, taken by the government of India in 2017, which is going to change the very landscape of the realty sector from 2018. The implementation of the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA), floating of the Benami Act, execution of Goods & Services Tax (GST) and approval of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has paved the way for a promising 2018 for the real estate sector, at large.

Tips to Infuse Victorian Décor in your Home

Live life queen size by giving your home a feel of the Victorian era. Inspired by Queen Victoria I, this classic style décor dates back to 1800’s. But, gradually it is gaining prominence the world over. If you are already gravitated towards this form of home décor, then here is how you can bring the old-world charm in your modern home. Whether you are revamping your home or designing a new one, just getting a few things right will help you have the Victorian flair.

A Single Women’s Home Buying Guide

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples”, was aptly said by the Mother of the Nation – the beloved Mother Teresa. Being single should not be considered as a weakness, you can alone create ripples in the water like a single, mighty stone. Yes, buying a home is a big decision and when you are single, taking this decision can be daunting. But, this women’s day gift yourself this asset, a place you can call your home. Here is a brief home buyers guide that can come handy in helping you buy your first home.