Invest in your first family home at Cityville

It’s been about 3 years that Mr Kumar moved from his home in Mysore to Bangalore. After having searched through scores of property sites, he finally picked a property that best suited his needs. A calm and quiet locality that also offered him the luxury of staying close to his office in Electronic City. Bannerghatta Road is home to many people like Kumar who find that the plush localities around South Bangalore come very close to their place back home. What makes locations like these exclusive is the abundance of nature and the pristine environment that welcome the residents home. The gorgeous Hulimavu lake a little distance away has many nature lovers thronging to the properties near by


There are many advantages to living near a water body, apart from the stunning views everyday, people who live around the lake have a definite incentive to head out and run. Another incentive to living near nature is that it let’s you take a break from the bustling city. The view from properties like Apas or Amoda are precious. These properties, tucked away from the city have a good helping of nature that make rejuvenating effortless.

With jobs getting more demanding each day, the stress is bound to get you tired both physically and mentally. A vacation is an ideal solution however, busy professionals like Mr Kumar find it difficult to take a break from their jobs and go on vacations. Living close to nature will quench your thirst to head to the nearest getaway. The cool breeze of the outside is soothing, the fragrant blossoms instantly fill you with calm and peace. In addition to the natural beauty of the landscape, homes in the area have manicured lawns dotted with walking paths, fountains and water bodies that will easily impress a tough critic. Along with this, spaces near lakeside properties are also becoming centres for cultural events making living here a wholesome experience. Lakeside properties are a statement of luxury, their many amenities are a source of joy for the residents there.

Mr Kumar who has been on his search for the perfect home thinks he’s found the one. Right on Bannerghatta road, overlooking the stunning lake and still close to his office is the Valmark Cityville. The new and upcoming project that will be handed over in early 2017. What he really loved about this project is also the fact that the developer has a 10, 80, 10 offer, meaning Kumar has to pay 10% to book and pay the rest at the time of possession. With the developer servicing the home loan interest till possession, it is a deal that feels like it’s made for him. Kumar sure feels like he’s made the smart choice of living next to nature and making the most of the beautiful city.

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