Reasons Why NRI’s Should Invest in Indian Real Estate

“Rooted grow deep, live tall” is an excellent saying and applicable for Non-Resident Indians living across the globe. In this era of globalization, people are travelling to different countries and continents, making it essential that there is a connect with the place of origin. One such way of ensuring that feeling of belongingness, that connect remains is by making a home for yourself back home. There is not one, but several reasons why NRI’s should invest in Indian real estate.

Stay Connected, Stay Rooted: You may be loving that plush living abroad, but a house back home will give a sense of belonging. It will help you stay rooted and grow better. With a home in India, you can visit your country anytime and impart the deep values and show the rich cultural heritage to your growing family and friends abroad. Moreover, wherever you stay you will always miss your homeland. At some point, you are sure to say Take Me Home country roads.

Price Benefits: Along with the emotional connect, affordability is another important reason why investing in India is lucrative for NRI’s. Currency of first world countries, trades strong against Indian rupee giving you an edge. So, you can invest more due to this gap in the currency value.

Rent Benefits: NRI’s can either keep the property for their stay during visits to India or have an additional source of income in the form of rent. While, NRI’s are taxed on the rental income, but part of it gets compensated under section 80C. They can claim benefit of deduction under repair and maintenance of property.

Retirement Benefits: Senior citizens owing a property in India get the benefit of a Reverse Mortgage. The money taken from bank towards Reverse Mortgage is not considered a part of the income of NRI. This is a great benefit for senior citizens as they own the property and get money from the bank. This system is gradually gearing up and being extended by different banks making it a beneficial proposition for NRI’s.

Long Term Returns: The industry insiders estimate that NRI investment is expected to touch 11.5 billion dollars this year. The real estate industry has witnessed formidable growth in the last decade and is expected to appreciate by 10-15% per annum. So, if long term investment and return is on your mind, then buying a property in India should be on your agenda. Moreover, with RERA coming into effect NRI’s can expect greater transparency in the real estate deals. It’s a beneficial move for the developer and investor.

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