5 Holiday & Cosy Winter Decorating Ideas

The holiday season is round the corner and winters is officially here. People are already bundling-up in sweaters, jackets and pullovers, and now it’s time to cosy-up the home décor, as well. You need to welcome the Santa and ring in the new year on a warm, clannish note. Here are some easy and cozy decorating ideas to give an awesome makeover to your home, this holiday season.

Cozy decorating ideas

1. Stay Nature Inspired: Green is surely the colour of the season and to infuse it in your living room decorating ideas, go the natural way. Use fresh, evergreen boughs and wreaths to do the entryway. And don’t hesitate to bring red and pinks to play in the form of fresh roses and carnations. Your home will look beautiful and smell heavenly.

2. Balance Nature & Lifelike: To complete the natural décor, don’t forget to add some pine leaf decoration. Whether it is to ping a napkin with ribbon and a sprig of wine or getting some for the vase, it will add earthly texture and ornament your dining table, instantly. Along with these natural means, don’t be afraid to make the artificial Christmas tree central to the warm ambiance. You can go all golden with the decoration and brighten-up your home. But, if you wish to infuse more than one colour in your Christmas tree, don’t hesitate. You can add bells, gifts and stars in different colours and unleash your creative side, this Christmas.

Christmas tree
Warm ambience

3. Infuse a Warm Glow: Your winter décor is surely incomplete without that warm, golden glow. So, add candles and lights in your home décor to spread warmth and sparkle. When it comes to candles, go liberal and put it on dining and console tables, and wall shelves. Moreover, don’t forget to add some pine scented candles for that natural ambience. Along with candles, put a string of lights in the most unexpected places, as well and let your home sparkle bright and beautiful, this holiday season.

Winter decor

4. Let it Snow: The white hue is a must and whether you stay in place where it snows or not, you can make it snow, the illusionary way. No, cotton balls are tedious and a thing of the past. We suggest, to create a cascading effect on the windows with white and silver bows or paper cut outs. It’s a quick, easy and an awesome way of having the snow effect.

winter decor

5. Use Presents & Seasons Greetings in Décor: You take a lot of pain in wrapping gifts for your close ones. But, end-up keeping it hidden. Rather, go for some cheerful wallpapers in wrapping the gifts and put them as part of Christmas décor to display on that untouched room corner. Viola, that dusty, old corner also becomes bright and beautiful at the most beautiful time of the year. And who says, you need to keep the warm greeting cards only on a table. Use a ribbon or colourful thread string and hang the greetings using a clip. It’s a beautiful reminder of the lovely people in your life who remember to wish you, this season.

Christmas decor

So, when we say winter and Christmas decorating ideas, we mean classy, unique and easy ways of doing your home. Let your guests feel welcome and warm, when they come home, this holiday season. We at Valmark wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. Let merrymaking begin at a Valmark home. If you are planning new homes, this season, then come visit a Valmark home. It’s warm, it’s beautiful, it’s truly embracing. Gift yourself and your family a home, this season. Planning to be a Secret Santa, then you can view our projects here.

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