Tips for Stylish, Minimalist Home Decor

Minimalism is the new cool. It is no longer considered dull and boring. Rather, it is the new trend in the interior design industry. It is all about giving a clean, calm and cool touch to your home. With a minimalist décor, you can also achieve the Zen ambience. But, how to have a stylish, minimalist house design? Below are a few tips, which are easy and effective in having a minimalist home.

1. Clean-In, Clutter-Out: The fundamental principle of minimalist home decor is less being more. So, you need to start the process of de-cluttering and having a clean home. De-cluttering doesn’t mean just randomly removing stuff from your home. Rather, you should look around and have only the must-have’s and pricey possessions. Things, which blend perfectly with your home décor and reflect your taste and personality. Once you remove the extras from each room, your house will start looking clean and clear.

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2. Focus on the unfocussed: When you clean-up your home, you can actually focus on a few valuables. This way you can meet the next principle of minimalist interior design i.e. more is less. Among the existing décor pieces, try to highlight the unique and distinct one. Maybe that rocking chair of your grandfather or metallic wall art can take centre stage. Even, when you shop for your home look for glamorous pieces like a different shape lamp or a chair with button-tufted back. This way you can bring a few things to focus, which will dominate your room décor.

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3. Let Pastels Dominate: In your bedroom or living room, kitchen or guest room, let pastels take over in both form and spirit. Whether it is the wall paint or furnishing, let light colours reign over and give your home a soft and light feel. If changing the wall paint is not an option, then ensure that the bedding set, curtains and cushion covers are in light colours, so that they can rule over and help you achieve a stylish yet minimalist décor, the best home interior design.

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4. One Bold Thing for Focus: In addition, in minimal home decoration tips get pastels to play. But, if you like to have something bold too, then bring one thing bright and big, which will work as the room highlight. So, you can go for a colourful cushion or red accent wall, which will be a colour pop in your room. You can have one such highlight for each room and centre everything around it in a manner that it garners all the attention.

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5. Let Light Flow: Experience the sheer charm of a well-lit room if you are blessed with a home that receives ample sunlight. The play of light during morning and late afternoon makes it preferred as it is sheer delight. In a minimal décor, use house decorating ideas where you allow light to filter inside your home and have it bright and beautiful all day long. Bring sheer curtains to play during the day time and let sunlight take over and at dusk have the blackout curtains in place for perfect privacy and solitude.

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You can use the above means in your interior design styles for a minimalist décor. It will give a classy and refined look to your home making you fall for it all over again. The sheer beauty of minimalist décor is magnificent. But, if you are still looking for a house, which you can make your home with such a tasteful touch, then look for our accomplished and upcoming projects at Valmark. Spread across the beautiful, garden city – Bengaluru, our exclusive homes come with a minimalist feel where doing just a few things right can help you have that Zen ambience and stylish décor. You can view our projects here and we can help you with your dream home, together.

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