Home Décor Trends for 2018

It’s a new year and new trends and styles are unfolding. If you are moving into a new home this year or planning to buy one or revamp the existing one, then it’s time to learn about the newest home décor trends for 2018. Keep your home Pinterest and Instagram ready by incorporating these styles. Some of the best trends worth trying in 2018 are mentioned below and will be worth a try, this new year.

1. Bold, Rich Colour Palette: If you have been longing to bring that tonal red and bright yellow in your home interior design, then 2018 is the year for you. It’s time to play with bold and rich colours in the furniture and furnishings. If you don’t wish to part from your muted sofa, then add that olive green or hot pink as an accent chair. It will work as a colour pop and beautifully accentuate the home décor.

Home Interior Design

2. Bring Brass to Play: It’s a year when you need to bid adieu to stainless steel and embrace the warm and vivid brass. You can infuse it in your interior home decoration and replace it with all the existing steel or nickel accents in your home. It gives a richer and sophisticated touch to your home décor. So, don’t hesitate to bring brass accessories and furniture pieces in your home, this year.

Interior home decoration

3. Artisan Textures: These are expected to play a big role in latest decorating trends. Go ahead, embrace different textures and give your home a unique feel. From wicker to rattan furniture, you can try infusing such artisan texture to keep up with the trends this year. With a rich colour palette if you mix textures, they add more interest, while adding more layers to the decor.

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4. Velvet Furniture: Along with colours and textures, you will need to focus on the material too. So, it’s time to buy that velvet sofa. Yes, velvet makes a comeback this year and that too with a bang as velvet sofa is expected to be seen in more homes in 2018. Velvet sofas look luxurious yet funky. If that luxury home décor is on your mind, then bring home this multi-dimensional fabric sofa in rich colours in your home, today.

luxury home decor

5. Dark Wood Furniture with Metallic Twist: Giving a flavour of traditional home décor, dark wood furniture makes a comeback this year. The dark wood tones add a retro glamour touch to the home décor. But, if you want to give a modern luxe effect too, then look for pieces with metal handles and legs. And of course, don’t forget to look for these handles in warm, bright colours.

traditional home decor

6. Natural Elements, Come Home: Place some potted greens around the house and breathe-in fresh air. Along with greens, bring natural elements to play too. Shifting focus to the natural world is predicted this year. So, add that stone and granite liberally in your urban abode. Beauty lies in natural, simple and woven items in home interior design trends.

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7. Local Artists get Precedence: In the décor trends this year, local artists and handmade décor stuff get precedence from across the globe. Adding that Ottoman in artistic, handwoven block print fabric or wicker lamp will be the new cool in this year’s home décor trends.

villaments in bannerghatta road

The trend clearly indicates to go big and bold, this year. Bring bright colours in your home décor and furniture, go for an interplay of textures and give local artisans work a place in your urban abode. Follow these house decorating ideas and give your home a stylish and elegant make over. But, if you are still looking for a house, which you can make your home, then view the Valmark projects in Namma Bengaluru. We make houses, which you will love to make your home. Valmark homes have the poise, the perfection and you will love adorning them with the flavours of this year. To view a Valmark home, click here or leave a comment in the box below and we will be happy to connect.

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