How to Turn that Dusty Corner into a Home Office?

The corners are the most overlooked and ignored parts of a home. Often considered tricky, corners are left untouched and isolated. But, you can make the home corners work for you in different ways. Sometimes, these corners provide just the right amount of room to work with in truly unique ways. How about converting that abandoned corner into a charming work space? Whether you work from home on a routine or occasional basis, you can turn the dusty corners into home office and enjoy your own little, cosy office at home.

Here are some home office ideas using which you can make those dusty corners work for you.

home office ideas

1. Design the Vertical Corner: Fix a floating wall shelve in the little corner and to store your documents, files and gadgets you can design the place of work vertically. You can make up a corner shelf design by putting floating, wall shelves vertically and have a sleek and stylish workstation for yourself.

2. Corner with a View: If you have a corner in the house which gets ample natural light, then you can just make it your home office without a second thought. A workspace with a view, a workspace with natural light is just ideal. You can simply lay a mini office desk between the column and wall, and have a bright and beautiful desk with a wall corner design.

Wall Corner Design

3. Convert the Corner Cabinet: There lies a beautiful cabinet in the living room corner with a hollow, open storage space? Then, bring the open space to use by converting it into your work desk and have a cool, home office design. Unique and space saving, the cabinet will double-up as a storage piece and workstation.

home office design

4. Bedroom Wall Alcove: Your bedroom is the favorite place in the house? You’re cosy and comfortable in your bedroom? Then, make the most of that wall recess in the bedroom by transforming it into your home office corner. But, don’t forget to ensure that you work unperturbed by adding a decorative screen or room divider. You need to have it designed as a room in a room and you can do up the wall recess with your favorite pictures or a soothing painting to add to the ambiance.

home office corner

5. The Under Stairs Corner: Why abandon the corner under the stairs? Bring it to use by converting it into a comfy workspace. Get a wall length desk with storage. As for the chair, go for a swivel one, which can serve as an extra seating too when guests arrive. Since, this will be an open desk ensure that it is in sync with the rest of the room décor otherwise it will look out of place.

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With the above home office design ideas, you can convert any little or curvy corner into your workstation. If you are looking for well-made homes, which can be honed and designed to your fancy, then check Valmark homes in Bengaluru. We make homes that are spacious and well-lit. Whether you want a home with a view or homes with customizable floor plans, at Valmark you will find such and more property options. Work from home with picturesque views of Hulimavu lake at Valmark CityVille or customize your apartment your way when you book a home at Valmark Apas. You can view our ongoing projects here and contact us to plan a site visit today. We will also love to hear your home office set up ideas. You can share it with us in the comments section, below.

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