Tips to Infuse Victorian Décor in your Home

Live life queen size by giving your home a feel of the Victorian era. Inspired by Queen Victoria I, this classic style décor dates back to 1800’s. But, gradually it is gaining prominence the world over. If you are already gravitated towards this form of home décor, then here is how you can bring the old-world charm in your modern home. Whether you are revamping your home or designing a new one, just getting a few things right will help you have the Victorian flair.

1. A Colour Theme Wall Paint: Going back to the 1800’s would mean adding, a dark colour tone to the home design. No, not the bright ones, but bold and dark colours should be infused. By adding a dark red, green or brown, you can convert your home into a Victorian abode. Of course, painting the complete room will look out of place in this day, so design an accent wall to achieve such a décor.

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2. The Window Treatment: After the room paint, you need to opt for the window drapes in rich colour tones too. Opt for a dark grey, brown or red to give the room windows a Victorian remake. Moreover, get the drapes designed with tassels and fringes for the dated effect. And if a tieback is what you wanted all this while, then add to the curtains to give a Victorian treatment to the windows. Even when it comes to choosing the curtain fabric, opt for luxurious silk or velvet to give the opulent touch to the interior decoration.

3. Rich Furnishing: Along with the colour theme, to complete a Victorian style home décor infuse some distinguished, rich furnishings. Add antique show pieces, frames, bold, floral paintings, decorative vases and alike to give your home a feel of the Victorian era. It is such accoutrements in traditional design that will give the right look and feel to your home.

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4. The Furniture: Make place for some antique furniture in your Victorian homes. Try to explore furniture with curvy edges, intricate craftsmanship with a round or bun foot to give the impact. Even when it comes to sofa upholstery, opt for something in rich colour in velvet fabric. Likewise, the beds should also be explored in wrought iron or solid wood make with some fine work.

5. Magnificent Lighting: The lighting fixture can also play an important part in Victorian décor. From ornate, glass chandeliers to cast iron lanterns, you can give your home a glorious touch with some classy lighting. If possible, add a mantelpiece in the living room or iron candle stands on the dining table to have a Victorian interior design.

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With these tips, you can give your home a glamorous and glorious makeover. Focus on detailing, focus on every piece, which you bring home for that splendid ambience at home. But, if you are still looking for that home, which you will love decorating the Victorian way, then view Valmark projects in Bangalore. We are into making houses, which you will love to decorate as your home. You can view our projects here, which offer you a lot of freedom to design and decorate your way. Otherwise, leave a comment in the section below and our team will be happy to contact you and help you have a property in Bangalore, which you can design the Victorian way.

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