5 Security Features a Must in Your New Home

A home is your happy place. It is made up of not just walls and beams, but also love and dreams. It is where you stay with your loved ones and make memories. So, it ought to be safe, secure and a good one. This makes it essential that when you are buying a new home, you think beyond the space and beauty aspect. You need to give security, a precedence.
“A house without security cannot be a home” has been aptly put by Mehmet Murat Ildan. You need to ensure that your family is safe and secure at home. This makes it essential to look for appropriate security measures, so that your nest is conducive for your loved ones to stay.

Here are 5 security features, which must be there in your checklist when you start hunting for your dream home.

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1. The Locality, The Neighborhood: Before you finalize a particular area, you should check the past crime record rate and trends. A place where you will move in with your family should not have a history of crime. So, doing a detailed background check of the area should be there in your home buying checklist. In addition, you need to check the social and financial atmosphere of the area. It should match your stature, so that it is easy for your family to settle and dwell.

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2. Security Mechanism: Along with doing a thorough check of the area, you should check if all the security mechanisms are in place in the society in which you plan to move. The whole purpose of moving into gated community homes is to enjoy the many benefits of a fool proof security system. You should check for police verification of the security guards deployed in the society. Even checking for CCTV surveillance is important. CCTV cameras should be installed in all the strategic places, including kids play area, lobby, lift, walking track and more.

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3. Robust Doors & Windows: After doing this external examination, inside the house you need to be doubly sure of the quality of doors and windows being put by the developer. These are the entry and exit points of your home and should be made of superior quality wood and glass. If there are French windows in the apartment, check for the quality of locks, too. From your end, before you move in, you should get a fish eye lens or peephole on the door of your luxury home for safety and security of your family.

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4. Security System: Another fool-proof mechanism is opting for a multi-layer security system. There are many options available in the market, which can work perfectly on securing the windows and doors. You can opt for such a security system and benefit with complete home security.

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5. Fire Alarm & Protection: Physical security also includes fire safety. So, you need to check if the house you are planning to buy comes with smoke alarm. There should be frequent mock drills done, so that all the family members are aware about the exit points and escape plan in case of an emergency.

When you plan to buy your home, think beyond the interiors and amenities. These are integral elements, however, security comes first for you and your family. If you are looking for such secure apartments in Bangalore, then Valmark Developers have options, aplenty. Providing the best gated communities in Bangalore for decades, Valmark homes offer you not just the space, the quality, but it is luxe living like never before. Equipped with smart features in one of our ongoing projects, Valmark Apas you get video door phone system and gas leak detector. With the video door phone system, you can view and talk to the person at the door before opening the gate. And the gas leak detector is a state-of-the-art technology that detects gas leakage and automatically turns it off. In addition, in every project of Valmark you will get CCTV surveillance and verified security personnel to take care of you and your family, round the clock. You can view our ongoing and accomplished projects, here and let’s give your family a home, which is not just a place, but a feeling.

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