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5 Features that Define a Luxury Home

The concept of luxury homes is fast changing in the 21st century. While, high ceilings and heavy décor defined opulent living in the past in the modern day homes it is all about convenience and open living. The very concept of luxury homes has undergone transformation. People looking for luxury properties are actually looking at the lifestyle that the home offers. It is all about the design element, the style statement and comfort factor, which makes luxury homes stand apart from the conventional ones.

Some of the striking features, which you must check when buying a luxury home include :
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1. Smart Homes, Technology Driven Homes: The word automation has made an inroad into the real estate industry when it comes to the luxury segment homes. Smart lighting, energy efficient homes with climate control features are just a few of the technological advancements, which one can benefit with in a luxury home. Stepping inside the bathroom, your guests will not bother you by asking where is the light switch. Equipped with a bathroom occupancy sensor in smart homes the bathroom light will turn on automatically as soon as you open the door. Likewise, with curtain automation, you can draw open the room curtains at the press of a remote button or have the room lighting as you fancy with mood setting option. Aren’t these cool and classy features, which you can get in a smart home? Such and more state-of-the-art and sophisticated technologies will spoil you silly when you pamper yourself with a luxury home.

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2. Open & Customizable Living: Along with smart, technology driven homes it is the freedom to design your floor your way, which makes luxury properties absolutely sought after. Open floor plans are becoming more and more popular, and you can design the big space as you desire. Gone are the days when the kitchen, dining and living room had to be compartmentalized. It’s an open living culture and you can design the kitchen big enough for your master chef with a compact and open dining space. In luxury homes, it is not like one size fits all, so you are given open and customizable plan options, to design your home as per your requirement.

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3. Spacious Outdoors, Scenic View: It is not just luxury inside the apartment, but also outside, what makes luxury homes absolutely different. Offering you big and spacious balcony, the view of these homes is mesmerizing. Moreover, such properties are located close to the city centre and commuting to strategic locations is a breeze. So, you benefit with convenience in terms of location, but the moment you come close to home it is the feeling of living in an island. These luxury residential apartments are made close to the city centre, but the property location is chosen close to nature, offering breathtaking lake and green landscape views.

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4. World Class Amenities: If you wish to indulge in something else after gazing at the serene views for hours, you can indulge in world class luxury amenities to keep yourself busy. Other than ample open space, such homes come with an array of sports and entertainment facilities. From ambient controlled swimming pools to mini theatre, party area to the meditation room, living in a luxury apartment can be a totally different and delightful experience.

5. Security at Its Best: When looking for a luxury property, its security is something which should have you spellbound. Other than round the clock security guards and CCTV surveillance of all the strategic locations, there are various technology driven mechanisms, as well, which are deployed for fool proof security. Like a video door phone system, private elevators and coded locks are just a few things, which you will get in such opulent, spacious homes. There are other security measures as well and you can read our blog about it by clicking here.

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So, you must consider the above features when you plan to buy a luxury home. If you are looking for such uber luxury apartments for sale in Bangalore, then you can view the many projects by Valmark. A developer of repute, Valmark is renowned for making world class properties in the most sought after locations. You can view are projects here. One of our ongoing luxury apartments, Valmark Apas is nothing less than a dream dwelling. Designed for just a select few, it offers a beautiful lakeside view with plenty smart home features, which can define your status, your class. You can view our project brochure here and plan a site visit to make this luxury property your new address.

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