Invest in your Health this International Yoga Day

With the start of every financial year, you start tax planning and research on the different saving schemes. This indeed is a good practice. But, along with financial investment for a secure tomorrow, are you indulging in health planning too? It is also an important dimension of your future planning. If you wish to live a healthy life, then investing in your health is a pre requisite. Just the way, you start tax investments in the month of April, make 21st June your health investment day. Yes, start investing in your health from this International Yoga Day and pledge to do it year after year. The day, which started being celebrated across the world from 2015 can help you deal with various lifestyle diseases. You can continue renewing your health insurance plans, but try to ensure you don’t need them by practicing yoga. It has many benefits, and can improve your physical, cognitive and emotional health, beyond measure.

Why Yoga?

Read on to learn why yoga is the perfect means to achieve the end result of a healthy you today and tomorrow.

Physical Benefits

  • Improves blood circulation facilitating better transportation of oxygen and nutrients making organs healthy.
  • Relaxes the body, lowers the pulse rate, enabling your heart to pump more blood with fewer beats.
  • Reduces strain on the body and ensures better oxygen flow, lowering the blood pressure level.
  • Makes lungs work efficiently helping with respiratory issues.
  • Improved oxygenation lowers heart rate and does wonders to cardiovascular endurance.
  • Healing and enhancing every cell, it strengthens the immunity.
  • Activates the digestive system and eliminates stomach related diseases, including gastrointestinal problems.
  • Other benefits include healthy lifestyle, better energy levels, pain tolerance, and sleep quality.

Emotional Benefits

  • Yoga is the perfect emotional stress buster. It diverts the focus on the practice draining all the stress from the mind.
  • The yoga stretches and breathing helps in overcoming anxiety and combats depression.
  • The controlled movements and deep breathing help in self-control and self-acceptance.
  • It helps in developing a positive outlook towards life. The regular practice of yoga helps to stabilize many hormones in the nervous system giving a fresh perspective towards life in general.

Cognitive Benefits

  • Yoga improvises the concentration levels and you will find yourself more motivated than ever before.
  • By improving the blood circulation of the brain it reduces the stress and improves the memory.
  • With better attention span and improved hand eye coordination, you will have that eye for detail too.
  • The practice of breathing and meditation can help you calm down. Gradually, this calmness will become a part of your life. Such are the benefits of yoga.

The practice of yoga is for your overall well-being.Moreover, the best part about this practice is that you can do it anytime, anywhere. You can practice yoga in your balcony, terrace or garden in the gated community. In fact, if you do yoga in the open you will garner more benefits. So, when you are looking for your own home, opt for a community, which comes with lots of open space, parks and manicured lawns. Make the most of this space for practicing yoga every morning. If you are looking for such dwellings, which comes with beautiful home gardens and personal terrace, then Valmark homes should be your next address. Valmark CityVille in the heart of Bangalore, Off Bannerghatta Road, offers the best of villa and apartment living. Practice yoga in your own private terrace garden or in manicured lawns spread across the project. So, buying a Valmark home will offer the right combination of financial and health investment. Lush green landscape, serene views will offer you quality living with joys of community living. View the ongoing Valmark projects here and let’s together have you committed towards a good health and long life.

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