Ventilated Homes

It’s Time you Embrace Well Ventilated Homes

Ventilated Homes

This is the story of the indoor generation. We end up spending most of our time indoors without enough daylight and fresh air. Research and studies indicate that this is harmful for the health of human beings. Health concerns like allergies, asthma, depression and lethargy is being attributed to staying indoors for long hours. The indoor generation complaints of limb pain and tiredness due to Vitamin D and B12 deficiency. It is marring our generation and adversely impacting not just the health, but overall well-being. So, it’s time you embrace well ventilated homes. This is one area of your life, which is under your control. At least the time you spend at home will be amidst serene, green ambience. Here is what you need to look out when you buy your home.

  1. Lush Green Setting: Ensure there is ample green space in and around your home. This will help you in properly ventilating your space by allowing the flow of fresh air. The windows and vents should also be placed on opposite sides, allowing the natural breeze to move in and out. This cross house ventilation is essential and you should open the windows of your home at least 3 to 4 times in a day.
  2. A Balcony, A Veranda is a Must: Along with greenery outside in the community area, it is important that you put up the greens in the balcony to improvise the air quality. Look for an apartment, which comes with a balcony and you should set up your own little garden. Put air purifying plants, which can improve the quality of air in your home.
  3. Glass Doors & Windows: You should either look for a home, which comes with glass doors and windows or design one replacing the concrete walls. Sliding French glass windows are in vogue and can enhance the ambience of your home. Just pull back the curtains to have a well lit room with the flow of natural light or slide open the window to fill your home with fresh air.
  4. Outdoor, Recreational Activities: Along with the above, it is important that you spend some time every day outside, basking under the sun. Look for homes, which come with walking and jogging tracks, green landscape, manicured lawns and sports facilities. Take up any activity of your choice and breathe fresh air, exercise your muscles and allow your skin to feel the sun. With such amenities within the community, you will just need to step out and get going.

It’s time that the indoor generation takes essential steps to breathe fresh air and allow the flow of natural light in their all-encompassing homes. If you are looking for homes, which come with open, green space and are spacious inside out, then check the luxury apartments in Bangalore by Valmark. The Valmark homes come with a view, large open spaces and plenty of amenities. The homes are also designed in a manner that there is proper cross ventilation and you make the most of the beautiful weather of this garden city. One such Valmark project designed for the nature lover is Valmark Apas. Offering lake view, lush landscaping and loads of leisure and sports facilities, you will enjoy a healthy and happy living in these waterfront, opulent homes. You can learn more about this project from here and embrace, a well-ventilated home.

If you found these ideas useful during your home hunt, then do drop us a word in the comments below. We are waiting to hear from you.

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