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An Insight into Floor Planning

Home buying is an exciting phase in one’s life. Everything in your new home should be perfect. It should be at the best location coming with the most competitive price, good floor plan and ROI. Along with meeting your family requirements, it should match your lifestyle and stature. So, when you start researching for your first home, consider the floor plan. It is a requisite for an already designed and an under construction one. As, changing the floor plan later will be a tedious and expensive task. So, here is an insight into this important aspect of buying a house.

Size of the home

1. Size of the House: A house should be not too big or too small. A big one will cost you more and will be difficult to maintain in the long run. While, a small space will appear cramped up. So, when it comes to deciding the size of the house analyze the family need. Consider the number of bedrooms, balconies and bathrooms you need and kitchen size. A good floor plan will accommodate your family needs. It will also provide complete view of the interiors.

floor plan

2. The Room Size: The most important room in a house is your bedroom. Studies say that one end’s up spending 1/3rd of the time in the bedroom. So, the room layout should be such that there is walking space. Besides, you should be able to place the furniture at least 2-3 inches away from the wall. In a good floor plan, the room should be at least 12 feet long and 10 feet wide. In an Indian home, the bed size usually varies between 7-9 feet in length. So, the size of the master bedroom should be at least 12 feet long and 10 feet wide.

open layout

3. Open Kitchen: After the bedroom, kitchen is the most used space of the home. It should be conducive for the homemaker to work in the kitchen. Gone are the days of close kitchen. It’s about open kitchen being a part of the living and dining room. Explore homes with open layout of kitchen giving a more spacious feel. It should also be close to the dining space for feasibility purpose.

valmark apas floor plan

4. The House Layout: When you visit a house, check if the layout is such that it makes the house look spacious and big. The home design should be the basis of the layout. Further, there should be proper use of space. The carpet area of 2 BHK by different developers will almost be the same. But, you will like a particular one as against the other options. It is due to the space utilization and apartment appearance. Usually, reputed developers working with fine architects offer such good floor plans. Besides, it is this fine designing and layout, which makes the home interiors inviting.

Spacious Room

5. Space for Furniture: A good floor plan will be one, which provides you most space to place the furniture. You should be able to place the furniture and have easy walking space in every room. After keeping the furniture there should be feeling of being in a spacious room. This is a need for every room of the house.

Luxury apartments in bangalore

Consider the above points to analyze between a good and bad floor plan. It is an important factor when you plan to buy your own home. It is builders and developers of repute who will focus so much on the floor plan and house design. These are the cornerstones of a finely made house. If you are looking for such home floor plans in Bangalore, then check Valmark homes. In fact, in one of our luxury projects, Valmark Apas there is option of customizing the floor plan. It is made using state-of-the-art concrete wall technology with imported framework. So, you can customize the layout as you desire. You can learn more about this project from here. View the different Valmark projects in Bangalore and experience fine living like never before in spacious and airy homes.

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