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Tips & Tricks to Monsoon Ready your Home

The monsoon season is in its full glory in every part of the country. Gazing at rain drops and planning home parties must be on your mind, already! But, have you thought of making your home monsoon ready too? Along with planning your weekends, it is also important to rain-proof your home for this season. Here is a list of monsoon tips that will come handy in rain proofing your home.

1. Sort the Leakages and Cracks: Get roof checks and house proofing for cracks or openings done with a professional help. To fill the cracks, use modified waterproof mortar and seal the cracks. Using this seal, you can also fix the joints of rainwater pipes preventing leakage or seepage.

roof checks

2. Fix the Wiring System: If there are any open or unattended electrical wires in the house, then fix them on a priority basis. During the monsoon season, the risk of short circuit from such open wires increases. It becomes all the more important to fix them, if there are small children at home.

electrical wires

3. Check the Drainage System: Get the drainage system checked for a carefree monsoon season. Clogged drains can be a bigger issue during the monsoons. Drain clogging can increase chances of water overflowing into the house. While they can smell real foul to turn you off, they can also be a breeding ground of insects and mosquitoes posing a danger to your health. So, get the drains checked as they get blocked frequently due to food particles or some waste materials getting stuck into them.

drainage system

4. Switch to Dry Dusting & Antibacterial Mopping: It is that time of the year when it is best to switch to dry dusting your furniture. The moisture level is already high and using a wet cloth can spoil the furniture; even making it a breeding ground of termites. So, use a dry fabric to clean furniture like wooden cupboards. Even when it comes to mopping the house use an antibacterial disinfectant. This will also help to keep seasonal allergies and infections at bay.

wooden cupboards

5. Revamp the Foyer: During the rainy season, refurbish the foyer and add an umbrella stand. It will be convenient for the family and guests to put their umbrellas and raincoats on the stand. Moreover, it will also help to keep the entryway and living room clean. Otherwise water dripping will make the space messy. Besides, there are various stylish umbrella stands in the market, which can also add to the décor of the foyer.

Revamp the Foyer

6. Colour Therapy in Décor: With the weather outside becoming dull and gloomy for some, a colourful home décor will be a visual treat. It will also make the home warm and welcoming. So, bring cushions, beddings and rugs in vibrant colours. Give your home a warm and bright streak, and have it ready for monsoon parties.

colourful home décor

7. Design the Cosy Nook: It is that time of the year when you like gazing at the pitter-patter raindrops, reading your favourite book or relaxing with a cup of tea. For all this and more, designing a cosy corner for yourself will be ideal. Whether it is that tete-e-tea with your bestie at home or an evening planned in solitude, a cosy book nook is a must-have for monsoon home decor.

monsoon home decor

With the above ideas, you can get your home monsoon ready and have a great time this rainy season. A well-managed and designed home, can take care of all your monsoon woes and organizing those home parties will also be a breeze. But, if you are still looking for a house, which is well made and the one you will like to call as your address, then check the Valmark homes in Bangalore.

Designing uber luxury homes, the chances of cracks, leakages and clogging will be rare. Besides, their spacious design will give you a lot of scope to decorate that foyer, cosy corner, and garden. Valmark CityVille offers you such spacious living experience. Homes that come with a personal or terrace garden overlooking the picturesque Hulimavu lake. The beautiful views during monsoon will make you love your new address more than ever. To learn more about this project of villaments in Bangalore click here.

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