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All you Need to Know About Property Insurance of Apartments in South Bangalore

It takes a lot to make your home. Time, effort, and money goes into the process of buying a home. You do endless research, document verification and give a significant amount of your savings to buy a house. Apart from being a physically and mentally strenuous task, it also binds you emotionally. Despite the effort, the bonding, seldom do we think of getting this valuable possession insured and even tend to overlook. You get your life, health and even vehicle insurance done, but ignore one of the most significant assets you have for your family – your home.

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What is Home Insurance?

Insuring your home is an important part of home buying and subsequent maintenance. Home insurance will stand by you in the event of any structural harm to your home by natural or man-made causes. There can be an outbreak of fire, an earthquake, flood, an incident of theft or vandalism in which your home is affected. So, there are different kinds of risks to your home and having a shield against them is your responsibility as the homeowner. Property insurance is more like a safety net on which you can fall back in the event of damage to your property.

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Why Opt for a Home Insurance?
Now, let’s understand why it is a must to have home insurance.

    1. Provides Coverage Against Calamities: Various calamities pose a risk to your home. So, it is essential to opt for comprehensive home insurance that can protect against natural and man-made disasters. Such policy shall cover losses and damages due to earthquake, floods, storms or lighting among others. Besides, your home is also at risk due to acts of vandalism, theft, riot, which are man-made and can damage your property. Property insurance will help you with the much-needed finances to rebuild your home and recover your losses.
    2. Cover Temporary Accommodation Expense: In the event of property loss or damage, you may have to shift to rented accommodation, unless your home is restored into a habitable state again. In such a situation, the insurance company provides the rent. As per the policy documents, there will be an upper cap on the maximum amount the insurance company will pay towards your rent.
    3. Protects Valuables & Assets: Along with protecting the property structure, home insurance also provides coverage against loss of valuables and articles in the insured property. You can get your jewelry, appliances, expensive clothing and furniture protected.
    4. Protects Against Liabilities: A home insurance policy also protects you and your home against legal troubles and hassles. It covers you against personal injuries, property damage to guests and other third parties living in the insured house.

So, enjoy complete coverage and protect your home against every calamity and theft. It will provide you with peace of mind and much-needed security in the event of any misfortune.

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Types of Home Insurances
After knowing about the many benefits of home insurance, it is essential to have an idea about the different kinds of options that are available for you.

      1. Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy: It protects against natural and human-made calamities. Among others, this insurance provides cover against lightning, fire, storm, flood, earthquake and man-made disasters like anti-social acts.
      2. Home Structure Insurance: It covers the structure of the house entirely from different kinds of risks and dangers. Some of the insurance coverages also guard the permanent fixtures of the house.
      3. Content Insurance: Along with insuring the house structure, you can also protect the contents inside the house. Content insurance can protect the goods from damages, theft, floods and other such mishaps. This insurance can also cover documents, jewelry, TV, home appliances among others.

Tenants & Landlord Insurance: When living in a rented flat, a tenant should opt for insurance to protect the contents of the house. You don’t need to choose for a cover for the house, but protecting your belongings is essential even in a rented space. Likewise, the homeowner should take landlord insurance. This cover will come useful in the maintenance of the apartment. When the apartment is on rent, house upkeep remains the responsibility of the owner. Besides, it will also protect the loss of rent or any public liability.

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Home Insurance for Apartment Owners If you are an apartment owner and plan to take home insurance, then the cover amount will be decided from a valuation report by local authorities. While for new flat owners the value of the property will be as per the sale deed. This kind of home insurance policy is applicable for people who own a flat in a multistoried apartment or have a builder floor. With such protection, in case of any mishap, a compensation amount is given to buy a new residence elsewhere.

Eligibility for Home Insurance
When you plan to take home insurance, you will need to meet the below criteria

      1. You should be an Indian resident, owner or occupant of a property.
      2. A company and an individual can take a home insurance policy.
      3. Both, a homeowner and a tenant can take such a policy.

Besides, you need to renew home insurance like your other policies. You can opt for a minimum one year to a maximum of five years’ coverage.

Fine PrintRead the home insurance policy document, carefully. The words are often different, and you must read and infer every clause diligently.

A Home, Before an Insurance

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