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How to Transform your Apartment into a Smart Home?

Step inside the room and the lights turn on automatically? There is gas leakage in the kitchen, and the gas supply turns off automatically? Do you dream of such luxe and opulent living experiences? If yes, then explore the realm of smart homes. Living in a smart home can make such luxury, such security a reality. There are constant innovations taking place in the home automation industry with the aim of unmatched comfort, security and luxury. However, before we proceed, let’s know more about what a smart home is?

Smart HomeIt is a convenient home set-up, which comes equipped with technology to automate household systems or remotely control the lighting, security alarm, surveillance camera, door, curtains, air conditioner and other connected appliances. However, its scope and limits extend more than remote controls and impressive gadgets. A smart home is also about creating a uniform home monitoring system, energy conservation, and efficient ecosystem.

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The term smart home also implies intelligence. It is about creating a home brain, which can execute various home functions with some sensing, data processing and wireless communication. It is about learning the habits of the occupants and automatically adjusting the home control systems, and streamlining the mundane household tasks. The concept of smart homes focuses on making the quality of life better.

Features of Smart HomesThere are different ways of customizing your home with automation to cater to different needs. Some of the ways technology and intelligence can help create a smart home include:

  1. Energy Conservation with Temperature Control: Entering your home and having it just warm on a chilly winter night can be possible with a smart thermostat. By investing in a smart programmable thermostat, you can regulate and minimize energy consumption from anywhere and everywhere. So, don’t let your air conditioner run for hours in an empty home to heat or cool it. Instead, conserve energy and your money with remote, temperature regulating home control systems.
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  3. Control the Door without Moving: With smart home security systems, you can operate the door of your home while on-the-move. Lock or unlock it from anywhere, check who is at the door via the door monitor or illuminate the space for added protection while sitting in your bedroom. Besides, with the smart door feature, you can create and customize the passcodes of the door for guests and children.
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  5. Home Surveillance from Anywhere, Anytime: Monitoring the doorway of your home or keeping a watch on the babysitter and the baby will be possible even from the office with HD video cameras. You can monitor the activities in and around your home easily with a surveillance camera whether you are away for a vacation or at work. With such a smart home device and monitoring provision, you will always feel home.
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  7. Smart Lighting: A smart home automation can simplify your life in different ways. Equipped with smart lighting feature, it can help you in controlling the lights from anywhere. Bring smart light bulbs and switches home to enhance or dim the lighting to set the mood right.
  8. Home Safety Like Never Before: Ensuring your home remains safe is an absolute necessity, more than a luxury. With a smart home system in place, you can secure your home against fire and gas leakage. You can use detectors, sensors, small appliance controls for the security of your home.

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So, smart homes give you the power to control and manage your home with advanced networks and software. It may sound too good to be true, straight from a sci-fi movie or a fairy tale, but today technology is making all this a possibility. Home automation system is changing lives and lifestyles. It keeps your home safe, while you are away at work and helps you view it from anywhere. Smart homes can give you the peace of mind, a sense of security, for which you often long. It offers the comfort, which is difficult to resist.

Smart Homes in IndiaThere is a surge in demand for such smart homes in India, too. Surveys suggest, the market for smart homes is increasing year after year. In tier I cities, there is a surge between 15-18% and in tier II and III cities between 5-10%. The smart home market is already booming in the US, Japan and Germany. “According to the global smart home market, the market size of smart homes will reach more than 40 billion USD by 2020”.

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