Stylish Coffee Shop Ideas

Stylish Coffee Shop Ideas to Inspire your Kitchen

There is something about that favourite café; which keeps bringing you back for numerous told and untold reasons. Whether it is for some time in solitude or to hang out with friends, the café next door has something about it that it becomes your favourite in no time. Is it that hot, nicely brewed cappuccino? Is it the music that they play? Well, maybe these are the reasons, but it has a lot to do with the ambience. The moment you enter the café the vibes make you happy and poised. So, how about getting that café-kind of feel in your home, in your kitchen, too? Well, if you so desire, then we have got you covered with some gorgeous coffee shop ideas. Read on and start styling-up your kitchen like your favourite café.


    1. Bring Some Greens Inside: Most cafes have small pots and plants near the window and around the counter. You can also bring some small, potted greens in your kitchen to achieve the look. It is a great way to lease in some freshness, brightness and nature in the kitchen. Get a few indoor plants from the nursery nearby and do up the space easily. Don’t forget to water them and feed them with some coffee compost!

open kitchen

    1. Add Some Board Games: If you have an open kitchen or an unused corner in the kitchen, then put a table and some of your favourite board games. This kind of arrangement has the potential of giving a typical café- kind, casual feel to your kitchen. Moreover, if you can get an old table, it will be even better as it will give a vintage vibe.


    1. Get Some Extra-Large, Stylish Mugs: Every café focuses on the mugs, cutlery and presentation. To infuse a café vibe in your kitchen, you must bring some big, unique and colourful mugs. You can also set-up a coffee counter in your kitchen like the one you see in every café. Put the coffee machine on a table and enhance the space with some big and bold mugs. Your mug should speak volumes about your love for fine living and the “coffeephile” in you.

coffee beans

    1. Exhibit the Beans, too: Of course, every café has it, and you must have it too. As a ‘passionné-de-café’, you must be collecting coffee beans everywhere you go. Instead of hiding them in those cabinets, display them for everyone to see and yearn for them. Besides, beans smell amazing and give a new fragrance to your kitchen. The smell itself will refresh you and have you wanting some more coffee whenever you enter the kitchen.

reading space

  1. Have a Reading Space: What’s a café without a reading space? To replicate the look in your kitchen, you must make some arrangements, maybe near the window where you can sit with your favourite book. Put some magazines and novels in the reading nook and keep yourself occupied over a cup of coffee. Don’t forget to add a colourful chair or two near the bookshelf to complete and refine this space.own kitchen
  2. Add Some Warmth: The shades in the kitchen can give that real-time café feel. Every café has a warm, cozy ambience. Bring some warm colours into play, contrasting with the mugs and give your own kitchen with a well-thought look and feel. However, if the kitchen is small, then avoid dark shades, which will make it look even smaller. Rather, play-up with trendy white and give it a calm and serene feel.

Make the most of these coffee shop ideas mentioned above and revamp your kitchen décor to your favourite café, and dwell in it whenever you want. Stylish and classy, enjoying your favourite coffee in your preferred set-up will be easy, fun and comfortable. However, if you are looking for a house coming with such a kitchen, which you can transform into a modish coffee shop, then you must check Valmark homes in Bangalore. Spacious, well-designed and coming with a terrific view, you will love designing one of its kinds coffee shop in your kitchen. One such option which you can explore is the Valmark villaments in South BangaloreCityVille. Give a perfect start to your day gazing at the beautiful Hulimavu lake, brew your coffee and sip it with this fantastic view from your café-like kitchen. When you own a property at CityVille, you will love designing it into a gorgeous beauty. Know more about this project and gift yourself a dwelling which you and your family will cherish forever.

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