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Simple & Effective Feng Shui Tips for your Home

The ancient Chinese art and science of Feng Shui is often an integral part of interior design and home architecture realm. Associated with good health and good luck, more and more people are adopting a pro approach towards this 3000 years old Chinese art and science. It is fundamentally about creating the flow of good energy, i.e. Chi, which helps in providing you with a happy and prosperous life. The very term ‘Feng Shui’ means wind and water, which in the Chinese culture is associated with good fortune. So, the ultimate aim of this ancient theory is to balance the Yin (feminine) and Yan (masculine) in our lives, and the five basic elements, i.e. water, wood, earth, fire and metal to bring harmony to a home.

If you also desire a positive flow of energy in your home and a happy family life, then try these simple and effective Feng Shui tips in your home and feel the difference.

Feng Shui tips in your home

#1. De-Clutter the Home: The first and the most important Feng Shui tip is to de-clutter your home to facilitate the flow of good energy. It is this Chi or good energy that will usher in good luck, health and wealth in your home. Start a thorough de-cluttering and house cleaning process by removing all the unwanted and unused stuff. It is not about concealing or keeping things in your wardrobes. Instead, it is about removing the clutter and organizing your home. Scan through every closet, study, cabinet, bed storage and discard or donate the old, unused stuff.

house cleaning

#2. Enable the Flow of Light & Air: Once you allow the good energy in your home, enable it to move around by maximizing the flow of air and light. Open-up the windows and increase the airflow for the good Chi flow in a clear space. For the movement of light keep the glasses, windows and mirrors clean. However, if there is any spot in the house that is dark, then add a lamp and keep it illuminated. Besides, for a dark space or corner try placing a mirror that can reflect light from a different spot.

good Chi flow in a clear space

#3. Decorate with Plants: Get some plants at home and decorate the space with these natural air-purifiers. They will make the air pure and create a healthy environment. Besides, plants also attract Chi, and healthy plants mean they are drawing good energy. Some of the Feng Shui plants that you should have at your place include Palm, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Ficus and Rubber plant, among others. These are easy to maintain and are lucky for the home as per Feng Shui.

#4. Colours to Activate Energy: The basis of Feng Shui is energy and colors play an important role in ushering the flow of good energy. You can add Feng Shui wealth colours in your home through wall art, paint or decorations. As per Feng Shui, different colours attract different kind of energies. Refer to the chart below to learn about the colour significance in Feng Shui.

Colours to Activate Energy

#5. Balance, A Must:  In Feng Shui, everything is based on the opposing principles of Yin (feminine) and Yan (masculine). So, you should balance forces such as night and day, dark and light, and apply these in the process of home décor. For instance, if you like to decorate with cushions, then add a layer of bright and light colours or achieve a monochromatic look with black and white cushions to design the perfect Feng Shui house.

Feng Shui house

Convert your home into a peaceful abode with these Feng Shui tips and feel the difference. Moreover, if you are planning to buy a new home, then you should incorporate these in the design principles. Even when it comes to purchasing a property, look for open and green dwellings to experience peaceful living. One such option, which you can explore in Bangalore is Valmark CityVille. Homes that are spacious and come with a private garden. Besides, they also offer the view of Hulimavu lake and water is considered extremely auspicious in Feng Shui. A symbol of good fortune, the very term ‘Shui’ in Chinese means water. If you wish to make an investment in these villaments for sale in Bangalore, then connect with the Valmark team, today. You can also learn more about it by clicking here.

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Do you believe in Feng Shui too? Share some tips in the comments that have been beneficial for you and let’s strive to make every home a peaceful and blissful one

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