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How to Make your Home Pet-Friendly?

We love our furry little companions, and they love us unconditionally, too. Along with providing companionship, there are many therapeutic benefits of having a pet at home. However, getting a pet home calls for a lot of responsibility and care. The way you treat your kids is the way you need to handle them too. While many people end up having a pet but only a few think of making the home pet-friendly. When buying a new home or making changes to the existing one, we often forget about our furry family members. However, it is essential and worth investing in their health and happiness. Read on to know some of the ways with which you can make your home your pet’s happy-home too.


#Tip 1: Look for a Spacious Dwelling: If you are in the process of buying a home, then consider some space for your pet. Like you think of a kids’ room, look for a cozy little place in the house for your pet. You should be able to put their bed, water, and toys in that section. It will give them a feeling of belongingness. Nothing fancy or too big, a little corner done nicely will be just perfect.

house for your pet

#Tip 2: Consider the Flooring: Check with the developer regarding the flooring option. ‘The harder, the better’ should be the thumb rule when it comes to the flooring of the house. Tiles in such a case can make a good option. They are virtually scratch-proof and can be the cool place for your pet to relax during those hot summer afternoons. Besides, wooden flooring can also be a good choice.

place for your pet to relax

#Tip 3: Open Space, A Must: If you are moving into a gated community, check if there is an area where you can bring your pet to play. Alternatively, check for enough space in the home balcony for your pet to bask under the sun, play and train. It would help if you considered some open space for them for a stroll and for playing.

#Tip 4: Avoid Carpets: When you have a pet at home, you should avoid carpeting or spreading rugs throughout the house. It will become a breeding ground for bacteria and your pet’s hair in no time. This can cause different kind of allergies and infections to people at home.

avoid carpeting

#Tip 5: Say No to Whites: Light color upholstery and furniture are in vogue these days. However, you will have to forgo it for your little buddy. Including white and other light colored furniture, will show your pet’s hair on it. However, if you already have a light color sofa at home, then cover it with a washable upholstery material and keep it prim and proper by washing it periodically.

washable upholstery material

#Tip 6: Remove Harmful Plants: Various household plants can be harmful to your pet. Among others, avoid harmful plants like lilies, tulips, and oleanders, which could be life-threatening.

avoid harmful plants

#Tip 7: Other Safety Measures: When there are pets at home, it is essential to take certain specific safety measures. Pets are playful and are prone to accidents even at home. Put childproof latches to ensure that they can’t access food and chemicals. You must also keep waste bins that come with a lid. Besides, meshing the balconies and windows is also an important measure that you must take for your pet’s safety.

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