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Why you should Buy a Home this Navratri?

Happiness is buying your own home, and with the onset of the festive season increasing the assets and properties comes on everyone’s mind, and such is a case during Navratri. The 9 days are considered auspicious for buying and moving into your new home. There is no better time to make a real estate investment than Navratri. During these 9 days, people worship the 9 incarnations of goddess Durga and make investments with the belief that it will turn out to be a profitable and wise decision. So, if you want to buy a home, then start the process this Navratri. Here are the reasons that can help you decide in this direction, now

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  1. 9 Auspicious Days: During Navratri, all the 9 days are considered auspicious and sacred. If you want to book your home, you don’t need to look for a shubh mahurat. When taking this plunge during these 9 days, you can go ahead and book your home anytime. Most people prefer buying property during this time with the belief that its value will appreciate and the new home will be prosperous for the family.
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  3. Exciting Offers & Discounts: Navratri is the onset of Hindu festivals and during this time most people like booking their home. Considering the increasing demand, most developers come up with exciting offers and discounts making it lucrative for the buyers. So, if home buying is on your mind, then you should check for festive schemes on property price, different offers by developers and make the most of the festive discounts.
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  5. Loan Rate Benefit: Along with developers, even banks and financial institutions offer discounts and benefits on the home loan. From waiving the processing fees to providing discounts on administrative charges, there are many benefits that buyers can avail during the festival time. Some of them also come up with reduced interest rates making the home loan offers irresistible for the home buyer.
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  7. Emotional Quotient: There is nothing like celebrating festivals in your own home. It gives a sense of happiness and there is an emotional quotient associated with it. So, if you have been planning to buy a house this year, then book it during Navratri and try to shift just on time for Diwali. The best gift you can give to your family is the happiness of celebrating festivals in your own home and making a safe investment for everyone’s future.

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Home buying is a crucial and sometimes an overwhelming decision. There are many things that one needs to consider, and the timing should be given a priority. The shubh mahurat matters when you are making such a huge investment. Whether you are planning to buy a home for living with your family or from an investment point of view, Navratri can be the perfect time. If you are planning to settle in Bangalore for good, then buying a Valmark home is an ideal choice to make. Homes at Valmark are an absolute value for money as they take your living experience to an entirely different level. Making you spoiled with choices and offering you ultra-luxury living experience is Valmark Apas. The project, located just off Bannerghatta road in South Bangalore, is ready for interiors. Providing the perfect blend of luxury and smart home living, Valmark Apas offers an enticing experience. Learn more about these luxury apartments in south Bangalore from here and make a sacred move this Navratri.


Happy Navratri & Vijayadashami!

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