Diwali decoration tips

5 Tips to Bring Diwali Décor into Year-Round Home Design Scheme

Wrapping-up Diwali decor and lights can get disillusioning. A few days post-Diwali, you start removing those lights and decorations and pack or discard them. This process of parting from things that you buy with such fervour and vigour can make you gloomy. However, if you are one of those who love these little trinkets, lights and decorations, then below are some ways of involving them into your home design scheme and having them around the year. It is a beautiful way to give your home a makeover post-Diwali without any new investment and keeping the Diwali spirit aloft.

Diwali decor

  1. Rearrange the Flower Decoration: The lovely lilies and radiant roses may not adorn your home all year round, but you can accentuate the coffee table using them. Let the ornamental centrepiece stay, and you can embellish it with the flower petals and keep the festival spirit alive. Even the artificial flower arrangements can be permanent fixtures in the new vases. Alternatively, you can make floating blossoms with it that can grace your home throughout the year.
  2. flower arrangement

  3. The Warm Candle Display: There is something about the candle glow it makes the space warm and enticing. Instead of wrapping the candle stands and packing away the leftover candles, you can bring them to use for doing a wall corner or dining table. Scintillating silver candle stands with colourful candles looks fab and can enhance the grace of your home anytime. Besides, even the floating candle arrangement should stay. Of course, those fancy, earthen vase décor will be little over the top. Instead, you can use the floating candles in mason jars and have an eye-catching warm candle display.
  4. candle display

  5. Let the Rice Lights Stay: The moment you turn on those rice Diwali light decorations, they immediately light-up the space and make your home festival ready. Rather than removing and tucking them away, you can use some of them for brightening up dull areas at home. They look lovely on a plain wall, and you can casually drape it, and see the change. You can also put it around a piece of furniture in an empty corner and enjoy the ethereal glow it imparts to the space.

Diwali light decorations

  1. The Beautiful Paper Lanterns: Colourful and beautiful, paper lanterns are an elegant addition during festivals. However, even later you can utilise it in various ways. So, if you had thoughts of discarding them, then wait! You can easily adorn a ceiling corner in your kid’s room with it. A cluster of these paper lanterns can be a perfect way of adding colours and accentuating a space. Alternatively, hang them on any flat ceiling, and it can work as a colour pop.
  2. The Lovely Toran: Every year you get the most beautiful entryway Toran. Don’t dump or discard it this year. Instead, mount it on an empty wall or barren window. It will add colour, texture and décor, and give the wall a beautiful touch. Toran comes in different colours and designs, and can quickly help you achieve the look you desire.

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