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Tips to Guard your Family from Air Pollution Post Diwali

For days after Diwali, venturing out for an early morning run or play time in the park with your little one is changing to a dream. Your little munchkins rhyme changes from “rain rain go away” to “pollution pollution go away”. This is the fate of most Indian cities, thanks to the incessant cracker burning on and before Diwali day. The festival of lights converted into festival of crackers leaves the beautiful nature distressed and makes oxygen, the carrier of life, a carrier of harmful gases. The situation worsens for people across the country. Along with crackers, it is stubble and waste burning, low temperature and decreased winds that increases the harmful and poisonous gases.

The particulate matter, a highly hazardous mixture of minute particles and droplets in the air, increases.  This particulate matter can penetrate into the blood stream and have an adverse effect on the heart, eyes, lungs and skin. The PM 2.5 air pollutant level also increases, which is tiny enough to enter even the smallest airways. Specialists compare this level of air pollution to smoking almost 40 cigarettes a day. Even cities like Beijing stop operations when the air quality index goes beyond 300. But we continue to breathe and operate even when the air quality level drops three times beyond the permissible limit. Rather than waiting for the authorities to take action, you can guard your family at least up to a certain extent with the below tips,

boost your immunity

# Tip 1: Boost Immunity: It is important to empower your body and that of your little ones to fight this phase. For this it is essential to boost your immunity level by increasing the intake of water, fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin C. Staying hydrated will help your body get rid of toxins. Likewise, by having a Vitamin C rich diet the antioxidants supply will increase giving a boost to your immunity. Add more nuts, broccoli, apricots and beans in your meal plan.

indoor plants

# Tip 2: Plant, Plant, Plant: One of the biggest reasons behind the increasing air pollution is the constant felling of trees and green cover in cities. It is the need of the hour to start planting both inside and outside the house. The greater the green area the better will be the quality of oxygen. There are also various indoor plants that you can add to improvise the air quality.

Buy Face Mask & Air Purifiers

# Tip 3: Buy Face Mask & Air Purifiers: Investing in a high-quality face mask and air purifier is like an insurance cover during such times. You should buy N95 or N99 rated masks that fit securely and protect you against the harmful particles in the air. Along with face masks, it is a must to buy air purifiers for your home. Invest in one, sound piece with HEPA filters and the entire family can seek solace and protection. Air purifiers with HEPA filters can remove the PM 2.5 air particles.

check the air quality

# Tip 4: Check AQI: As far as possible, avoid venturing out, especially during early morning and late evening hours. However, if traveling is unavoidable, then check the air quality index on a reliable application and plan your travel accordingly. But, as far as possible, avoid outdoor workouts and activities for a few days’ post Diwali. Now is the time when you should opt for car pools and switch to online shopping.

choose a green area

# Tip 5: Buy Home in Green Area: Considering the depleting air quality in most Indian cities it is advisable that you choose a green area for your family to live. This can be a little far away from the city center but can be the perfect way of providing a healthy living atmosphere to your loved ones.

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