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Tips to Decorate your Home this Holiday Season

The feeling of the holiday season is already in the air! This excitement gets expressed through the way we start decorating our homes. With Xmas and New Year eves around the corner, its time you start working on making the house holiday ready. Of course, the living room will be central as it is the place for gathering, but the spirit of this holiday season should highlight in every room of the house. Make the decoration warm and convert your home into a winter wonderland with the below tips.

X-Mass tree

    • Get the Tree Up: Central to Holiday home décor is the Christmas tree. Whether you like a natural or artificial one, getting the tree-up should be the first step. It is a beautiful way of getting the whole family together in the living room to decorate the tree. Moreover, the best part is that every family is free to decorate it their way. Let your Christmas tree tell about your preferences and personalities. Though off late a lot of different colour schemes have come into play, but you should take the liberty of designing your tree your way.
    • A Colour Theme: If you are confused about the décor scheme, then work out a colour theme and plan the decoration ideas around it. It is an easy way to get started. Whether it is the traditional red and green or new gold and pink, or cashmere brown and white colour scheme, you can choose one and start doing the decorations around it.

Christmas decorations

    • Mix Conventional & Contemporary Décor: Every year many new decorations come in the market. If you have been denying yourself to the latest decorations as it is tough to part with the old ones, then think of a mix and match. Yeah, pair-up your old and new decorations and give your Christmas decorations a refreshing look, this season.

decorating the home

    • Add the Seasonal Fragrances: Along with sight, the smell should also be your focus while decorating the home. Bring some scented candles for the dining table and make your friends and family wow over your sense of smell this holidays. Look for candles and scented décor in seasonal scents of pine, spruce, cranberry, gingerbread and cinnamon. You can also evoke the sight and smell with seasonal florals and baked goodies on the dining and coffee table.

décor with a warm touch

  • A Warm Touch: It is a time of the year when you meet friends and family, near and far. To make their visit a comfortable one, look for ways of adding décor with a warm touch. It can be in the form of Christmas-themed pillows to encourage snuggling sessions or thick throw blankets in traditional red and green hues.

Along with the indoors, you should also focus on the outdoor décor. Of course, that green wreath looks lovely on the windows. With the wreath, adding light in soft gold colour can make the place warm and inviting. Making the outdoors appealing and beautiful is essential. Similarly, you should do-up the patio or garden and have your home ready for the holiday season. However, if you are searching for a house that comes with high ceilings where you can place a tall Christmas tree or home with a beautiful garden where you can plan BBQ nights during the holiday season, then pause your search at Valmark CityVille. Plan a site visit and see for yourself if a CityVille home is perfect for your next year’s Holiday celebrations. Connect with our team and make this Christmas merrier and New Year fantastic for your family by gifting them a dream home in the heart of south Bangalore at Valmark CityVille.

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