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Why will Compact Homes Be Trending In 2019?

With increasing urbanisation and a migrating workforce, the demand for small and smart homes is also on the rise. The migrating workforce likes to settle in a booming city for good. However, nuclear families prefer a compact arrangement, providing all the comforts of community living to the family. Besides, as millennials are mostly on the move the home should also be in an area, which will appreciate and is easy to sell. Hence, this trend of small dwellings will continue to increase further in 2019 as it is beneficial for the buyer. Below are some of the advantages of a compact home, which are making it not only popular but even a smart choice for home buyers.

  • The Affordability Quotient: It is the price point of a compact home that makes it lucrative for the buyer. The price of a small 2 or 2.5 BHK is usually less as compared with the bigger units. This reduced price translates into the lower amount of home loan and EMI. Such a proposition works well for millennials who are constantly striving to invest in different options. So, a compact home with modern amenities at an affordable price makes it possible for a person to live in their dwelling while exploring other avenues of investment.
  • Optimum Space Utilisation: In a small home, there is smart space utilisation. Unlike, a large size apartment, where you see much space, in a compact house there is a focus on intelligent and efficient designing. While you will think and design your home in an efficient manner, the cost of interior designing will also be less.
  • Easy to Maintain: A nicely-designed, compact home will require less effort and time in terms of maintenance. It is a definite size advantage that you get and end up saving regarding maintenance expenditure.
  • Higher Chances of Resale: With the ever-growing demand for small homes, there are increased chances of a higher resale value, which makes them an ideal investment opportunity. Whether you are moving to a different city for work or planning to buy a bigger unit to cater to the family requirement, the chances of your 2 BHK home selling at a better rate of return will be high.

Property as an investment remains popular even among Gen X. The aspiring and ambitious millennials want to make their home at a young age and in the city where they are migrating for work. If you have similar aspirations and are looking for a compact and well-designed home in India’s silicon city – Bangalore, then you can rest your search at Valmark developer. Catering to the natives and migrating
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population of Namma Bengaluru for over decades, Valmark makes luxurious, smart and spacious homes. One such project of 2 and 3 BHK apartments in JP Nagar is Valmark Orchard Square. A plush and green project, it is a value deal that you can get with an ideal location, price and design. There are different size options in 2 and 3 BHK. To know more about this project with amenities galore click here and fulfil your dream of living in your home, today.

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