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The Importance of Location in Home Buying

Location, location, location is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying your home. In real estate, the importance of property location cannot get stressed enough. Home buyers often consider the house construction and appeal as their priority. Seldom they realise that a house can easily get reconstructed to meet their expectations and requirements. However, the location cannot get changed.

Moreover, it is the location that influences and affects the value of your home. Sacrificing your dream home for a good location should be your thumb rule when it comes to buying your house.

On an immediate basis, the location will have an impact on your everyday life, and in the long run, it will influence the resale value of your property. Before getting into what all you need to consider when choosing the location, let’s understand why the place holds such importance.

The Location Does Matter 

Here are some prominent reasons why location takes precedence in real estate matters.

prime location | https://www.valmark.in/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/shutterstock_277857569-1.jpgThe Property Price: When you invest in a property in a prominent location its price will surge in the near future. Say, you are considering similar looking properties by the same developer, but in different areas, the prices are bound to be different. The price of property in a prime locality will cost you more than the other one which is in a less prominent locale. While you may end up spending more to buy it, you will also benefit more in the long run as that property price will also increase manifold.

  • Easy to Resell: You may plan to sell your home after a few years. If you have invested in a property in the main area, it will be easy to sell as more people will prefer shifting to such a place. You can demand a price and will have better negotiation options as compared with a similar design of property but in a less prime location.
  • More Conveniences, Better Quality of Life: Along with the monetary aspect, you and your family will benefit in terms of quality of life, as well. When you live in a prime locality, you will get things of everyday conveniences more easily. Usually, such a property location is close to the city centre, popular schools, premier colleges and places of work. You and your family members will have a shorter commute time and can spend quality time with each other at home.
  • More & Better Exposure: Surveys indicate that in a prime locality there is a diversity in residents. You will get to interact with people from different countries, cities and walks of life and have better exposure. Such factors turn out to be advantageous for your kids too. It is a great way of giving them social exposure and making them more accepting.

While the home location is imperative, you must know what all things you should consider in deciding the location.

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There are many prime areas and localities in every city. Once you have decided on a particular area, let the below factors guide you in choosing the best location.

  • The Safety Does Matter: With the crime rate increasing in every city and town, it is essential that you give safety utmost importance. You should ensure that your family can travel and return home safely. If there are too many incidents of crime reported in a particular area, it is best to drop the plan of buying a house over there. Mostly, the rate of such incidents will be low in a prime locality. Besides, you can also take an extra precaution against safety concerns from your end that of buying an apartment in a gated community with security and surveillance.
  • Consider the Conveniences: In narrowing down areas where you are buying a house, you should consider conveniences in proximity. There should be educational institutions, shopping complexes, hospitals and some entertainment options nearby. These will not only make the life of your family members easy but will make your property lucrative. Whether you intend to give this house on rent later or sell it, such conveniences close by definitely make it preferable.
  • Connectivity & Transportation: If you end up purchasing a home where there are no modes of public transport, then it will be a problem in the long term. Instead, you should choose an area where there are buses and auto-rickshaw plying. If there is metro connectivity as well, then it will work as an added advantage. These different modes of transportation will influence the property value and serve as a convenience factor.
  • Close to Business & IT Parks: With the traffic situation worsening in every business hub, a home in proximity comes as a blessing. You should explore properties that come with business districts nearby. These will not only give you better returns in the future but work beneficial for you, as well. You can save on the commute time and fuel expense.
  • Upcoming Infrastructure Developments: Look for an area that is continuously developing and growing. If there are ongoing infrastructure projects nearby, you can expect a good growth rate. Review the ongoing and upcoming business, commercial projects, roadways and metro projects.

If you are looking for one such city and area that can offer you all the above and more, then review residential projects Off Bannerghatta road in Bangalore.

Why Invest in Bannerghatta Road?
Once upon a time a secluded area, ever since the area Off Bannerghatta road has come under the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), it is carving its growth story. With several infrastructure projects, IT companies, educational institutions, entertainment and healthcare facilities, it is the ideal place to invest in Bangalore. Popularly known as the BG road, it is well connected with other parts of the city too. You can know more about this part of Bangalore and why it is the best place for investment from here.

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