5 Ways to Make Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Homes for a Greener Tomorrow

Being green is more than just being eco. it is an unshakeable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle

Rapid urbanisation and globalisation are the cornerstones of this generation. There is a population boom taking place across the globe and rural dwellers are migrating to cities in lure of a better life. While urbanisation signals the economic prosperity of a country, it is also leading to greater challenges and fast depletion of non-renewable resources. The world is standing today at the crossroads of an energy crisis and there is a far greater need of moving towards eco-friendly solutions. The need to choose a sustainable lifestyle is becoming a necessity. As inhabitants of this planet, it is our responsibility to implement such green solutions and do our part towards the society, world and next generation. It is time we embrace sustainable life for a green tomorrow.

Here are 5 such eco-friendly solutions, which you can implement in your home, conserve energy and save money. Yes, the more energy you expend, the more will be your expenditure. So, think beyond eco and commit to sustainable living.

Go Green

Energy Efficient Lighting Systems: The floor lamps and chandeliers at your home are perfect for getting that mood lighting. However, during the day time switch to natural illumination. You can open the curtains and blinds and let the natural light keep your home bright throughout the day. Of course, you should use the beautiful light system that you have in place at home. However, bring it to use only at dusk. Even in your lamps and lights, you should use energy efficient light bulbs, which consume almost 80% less electricity than the old-style incandescent bulbs. You should replace those traditional bulbs with CFLs that consume less energy. Switching to such energy efficient lighting systems are becoming the need of the hour as the energy generating fuels like coal, natural gas and other natural resources are fast depleting.

Moreover, adding to the concern is the fact that these are non-renewable forms of energy. So, making the most of natural light and getting energy-efficient lighting systems at home is imperative. There are also smart light mechanisms in place. The lights will turn on only when you enter your home. Such bedroom, kitchen and bathroom occupancy sensors can go a long way in conserving energy.

Go Green Get Serious About Use of Water: Another precious resource that is depleting fast is water. It is about time we get serious about the uses of water. You should get those leaky taps and faucets fixed on priority. If there are no leakage issues at home, then start changing the way you use water. You should turn off the tap when brushing your teeth or shaving. Even installing a low-flow showerhead can be a good idea. This measure alone can help conserve several Litres of water.

Go Green Each One, Plant One: This may sound cliché; however, it is the need of this planet. When you buy a home look for a project that has ample green space. Even in your patio, you should try planting more and more plants. It is a natural way of purifying the air inside and around your home. Moreover, by adding more plants, you are also contributing to a greener and healthier planet. Besides, you can add some house plants indoor too. Among others get Peace Lily, Spider and Rubber plants for indoors and circulate fresh air. These plants don’t require everyday watering or frequent maintenance, which makes them the perfect addition in your home. If you feel that there is usually less space of setting indoor plants inside your home, then look for homes with a customisable layout. Such a feature will come as a blessing when you get the freedom to design your space your way.

Go Green Use Natural Cleaning Products: When it comes to daily home cleaning ritual, bid adieu to those chemical-based cleaning products. These are harmful not only for you but even for the environment. When you wash these chemicals, you are toxifying the water. So, water will need more purification before it is fit for use again. This makes it important that you stop the use of harmful chemical-based cleaning agents. Instead, you should use the best natural house cleaning products like citric acid, vinegar and bicarbonate, which are just as effective in cleaning the house and will not harm the environment. Even when it comes to cleaning the house, use recyclable and washable cloth.

Go Green Insulate the Home to Conserve Energy: Insulating your home is also an effective way of regulating the use of energy. When you invest in good insulation, it can hold-up heat and you will not require much energy to cool the home. One of the most important places that you need to insulate is the windows of your home. If you can double glaze the windows, it will prove effective in conserving energy. You should look for houses that give you the provision of curtain automation. Besides, you should also bring the area rugs to use. It is a cost-effective and stylish way of insulating your home.

energy to cool the home

With the above ways, you can regulate the use of energy and do your part for a greener and healthier tomorrow. These sustainable solutions can go a long way in taking care of the environment and reducing the use of non-renewable resources. Even when it comes to choosing your home, you should look for a project that comes with an ample green landscape and gives the provision of deploying smart and effective means of living to conserve energy. One such smart premium home project in south Bangalore that gives you the option of customisation too is that of Valmark Apas. Uber-luxury, lakefront homes, they offer a panoramic view of the Hulimavu lake and provide an island like living. Located just off Bannerghatta road, there are several world class amenities and facilities at Valmark Apas. To know more about this project, you can connect with the Valmark team from here and make your home in this beautiful  and smart home project.

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