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5 Reasons Why Real Estate Investment is still Viable

Financial affluence and emotional security are the cornerstones of every human being’s life. Everyone aspires and lives for a day where they have enough bank balance and are emotionally secure. One such way, which has been considered the best since times immemorial is through real estate. An investment in real estate has always been considered a great way of multiplying wealth and providing you and your family shelter, a sense of security, a sense of belonging. But, with a spate of changes in the Indian market and economy, people are pondering if it is the right time to invest in real estate. So, we give you not one, but five reasons why real estate investing is still viable and the best.

Can Bitcoin Impact Real Estate in India?

Bitcoins, the digital currency, the crypto currency have been making news for some time now. Investors are looking up to it for some lucrative gains and in some countries it has also been traded for real estate. Of late, there has been news of buying investment property in US and Dubai using bitcoins. And some developers in India are also looking up to this form of trade.But, can bitcoin impact the real estate industry in India. At a time, when the central government has introduced policies to bring transparency in the real estate sector, this seems a farce. With RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act), GST and now Benami law, real estate industry is all set to witness an era of pellucidity. But, bitcoin will only keep the past opaqueness in place as its origin is not established in most cases. So, the introduction of bitcoin in Indian realty sector seems quite far-fetched.

Home Loan Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Buying a house is a big decision and a special moment in one’s life. When you decide to buy a home with the help of a loan, before you finalize the property consider the home loan options. Otherwise, it can be disheartening if you are unable to buy the house due to loan disapproval. Before you decide on buying a particular house, you should carry out the preliminary home loan research on your own and after finalizing you can take the final plunge.

Why South Bangalore is the Place to Invest?

“I like to think of it as keeping the old world charm, but updating it with modern conveniences”, said the famous American entrepreneur Billy Rose and that is the beauty of the era in which we are living. You can actually get the best of the old and modern era, if you so desire. This holds absolutely true for the modern day South Bangalore, which offers you today’s conveniences, while retaining the old world charm. Yes, it is still hidden in those flower markets, sprawling gardens and lakes. So, while you will be charmed with these modern day, skyscrapers and glass building offices, you can still plan a leisurely day by the lake.

5 Holiday & Cosy Winter Decorating Ideas

The holiday season is round the corner and winters is officially here. People are already bundling-up in sweaters, jackets and pullovers, and now it’s time to cosy-up the home décor, as well. You need to welcome the Santa and ring in the new year on a warm, clannish note. Here are some easy and cozy decorating ideas to give an awesome makeover to your home, this holiday season.

Three Must Documents for NRIs Investing in India

NRIs forms chunk of investors in Indian real estate. The most favoured investment destination for non-residents are Indian real estate itself. Though it takes persistent effort, the most cherished dream of the Indians are to move out and reside in a foreign country. Once settled abroad the tendency to invest in Indian real estate is common as they have the favorable conditions and policy initiatives here. Since they could avail different benefits like low property price, tax exemption, and retirement benefits the number of investors are increasing day by day. Nostalgic attachment towards the country is also a reason. Many are interested to come back and settle in India. In India we offer more value for money to the investors, with better returns in less time when compared to other real estate markets in the world.It is important, it has to be complied with the requirements of the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). To ensure everything related to NRI investment is in place you need to know about the documentation process. Here is a list of main documents needed for NRIs to buy a property in India. To ensure everything related to NRI investment is in place you need to know about the documentation process. Here is a list of few documents needed for NRIs to buy a property in India.

5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Home buying is a big decision in one’s life. There is an emotional quotient attached to it. After all, it’s a leap forward that a person takes. And with so many options around, you are bound to get overwhelmed. So, it is essential that you consider your decision, before buying your first home. You should be convinced and happy with this lifetime decision. After all, it’s your first home and every purchase here after, will be second or third.

Reasons Why NRI’s Should Invest in Indian Real Estate

“Rooted grow deep, live tall” is an excellent saying and applicable for Non-Resident Indians living across the globe. In this era of globalization, people are travelling to different countries and continents, making it essential that there is a connect with the place of origin. One such way of ensuring that feeling of belongingness, that connect remains is by making a home for yourself back home. There is not one, but several reasons why NRI’s should invest in Indian real estate.

5 Advantages of Buying a House Early

“Sooner the Better”, is one quote, which holds absolutely true when it comes to buying a house. Though when you start earning, you are young and home buying will be the last thing on your mind. But, that should not be the case. The earlier you buy a property the better it will be for you. Whether it is that capital gains, return on investment, rental income or early closure of home loan, there is end number of arguments, which go in favour of such a decision. Moreover, you will have the ability to buy a bigger, better and your dream home or second home too.

How exercising can keep you mentally fit!

Do you remember that time when you tried to imitate Usain Bolt to catch a bus or when you raced against your sibling to get to the remote first? Do you remember the grin that just did not seem to subside right after? That was not because of getting on the bus or snatching the remote. It was because of the endorphins rushing through your body. Endorphins are hormones secreted by the nervous system and pituitary gland that reduces the transmission of pain signals and produces a feeling of euphoria.