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Can Bitcoin Impact Real Estate in India?

Bitcoins, the digital currency, the crypto currency have been making news for some time now. Investors are looking up to it for some lucrative gains and in some countries it has also been traded for real estate. Of late, there has been news of buying investment property in US and Dubai using bitcoins. And some developers in India are also looking up to this form of trade.But, can bitcoin impact the real estate industry in India. At a time, when the central government has introduced policies to bring transparency in the real estate sector, this seems a farce. With RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Act), GST and now Benami law, real estate industry is all set to witness an era of pellucidity. But, bitcoin will only keep the past opaqueness in place as its origin is not established in most cases. So, the introduction of bitcoin in Indian realty sector seems quite far-fetched.